Deirdre’s Story

I am a Mom…… FINALLY after many years of infertility. And I am here to embrace every minute! Two years after marriage, we were ready to start a family. Unfortunately, our excitement was short lived. We learned my body could not sustain a pregnancy. Doctors did not know why.

Five years of the best fertility doctors, five years of feeling the highest highs and lowest lows. Five years of depleting finances, with work and family life suffering as we planned every event around fertility treatments and surgeries. The toughest question in our minds and hearts was why doctors could not find a medical reason for our infertility.

As we prayed for clarity and peace, we finally realized God’s plan for us. No more doctor appointments, no more surgeries, no more heart break. Our family was meant to happen through adoption.

It was early in the year 2008 when it happened, we received the call. Our baby boy would be born in six short months. Together we shared tears of joy and an endless embrace. We would be a family, one we prayed about for many years.

On August 5, 2008 we got the call …ALEC, OUR SON WAS BORN. This is where Alec’s life adventure begins. Alec was born two full months before his body was ready. His lungs were not able to fully develop as he struggled to breathe on his own. But Alec was born to be a fighter, born to overcome many challenges. After six weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital we were able to bring Alec home. We had our family.

Our son, chosen by God was beautiful in every way and quickly became our everything.

The story doesn’t end there as we thought, seven years later God expanded our family. Kate Alexandra, our daughter was born. We didn’t think our lives could get even richer! Now we felt complete. She needed this book too!