Deirdre Klein Ochipinti

Deirdre Klein Ochipinti

Mom. Author. Adoption Advocate
Deirdre is a native Floridian, UCF graduate, now in Louisiana. She loves to spend time with her family and their sweet rescue dog.

Deirdre has a story that many can probably relate to. One filled with more lows than highs at times. But she kept her hopes of being a mother always close to her heart and God blessed her with this gift, which she embraces and cherishes each and every day.

One of the first things we are told as new parents is to talk to our babies about their adoption at a very early age – at diaper changes! What? How? He’s just a baby. I know… a picture book! “Super Alec’s Very Super Day – An Adoption Story” was born.

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Fresh And New Story

… the author has created a story that is fresh and new, and one that will appeal to young readers. Alec is vividly drawn, and readers will find him compassionate and hard-working …

Booklife Report
part of Publishers Weekly
May 2018

More I Read, More I Loved

… the more times I read it, both quietly and out loud, the more I loved it.

Jade Cantrell Green
Blueprint Picture Book Writing
Children's Book Insider
Dec. 2017

I Had Goosebumps

I had tears and goosebumps reading Alec’s story.

Cassie Lindsay
NICU Nurse (and mother of 3)
June 2018

I Liked This Book Because…

… it shows that everyone can be super.

… it tells us no matter who we are, we are created by God.

… it shares how some of the strongest people are adopted.

4th Graders
Mary Queen Of Peace Catholic School

I Liked This Book Because…

… it was an amazing and memorable book I will always remember.

… it is one adopted kids can really relate to.

… it can inspire adopted kids to be strong like Super Alec.

4th Graders
Mary Queen Of Peace Catholic School

Super Alec’s Very Super Day - An Adoption Story

The true story of a boy named Alec, born into this world destined to become the adopted, beloved son of Deirdre and Joe Ochipinti... and later a brother and mentor to his adopted sister, Kate Alexandra. Super Alec is for the youngest of the young, to begin to learn their special story.

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Tens of thousands of children are in desperate need of adoption, whether it is through private organizations or state foster care.

Take the opportunity to visit any of these links here to find out more about how adoption can change the lives of kids today (and yours as well in the process).