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Mary Queen of Peace 4th Graders 2018/2019 Rock!

I was honored to create an English assignment for the 50 brilliant 4th graders at MQP School; to read and critique “Super Alec’s Very Super Day – An Adoption Story”. Thank you to an amazing English Teacher- Mrs. W.

I laughed, I cried happy tears and was very impressed by the minds of these 10 year olds. They have kind hearts, they have creative minds, and they are refreshingly honest!

I listed some of their responses on my home page and here as well. Their replies were more than what I could have imagined, but what I had hoped for.

Some of the 50 fourth grade responses: “We are all adopted children of God”, “Adopted kids are some of the strongest people in the world”, “We all have our own superpowers, adopted or not..”, “This is an important story on adoption so little kids can understand being adopted…”, “Everyone is special so embrace what you can do….”, “Super Alec is an amazing book and something we always remember as 4th graders….”, “No matter who we are, we are all created by God”, “The story can inspire adopted children to be as strong as Super Alec”.

And my favorite…”Family is all that matters”.

Thank you kids immensely for your remarks in getting Super Alec published. You will never know the appreciation I feel.

Love to you all.